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Building a Trustable Network..Request your friends to recommend you

About App

Received a friend request? Before you say yes or no check that stranger's social reputation here! May be he/she is a gem of a person and you can then have that gem in your friend circle and would have then made a wise decision. Do you want to talk to someone you like on facebook? first get some recommendations to boost your facebook profile! So they can see what your friends think about you on facebook. Only your facebook friends & family can write a recommendation for you, (as "secret admirer" too) and only friends can rate you hot, nice, fun! Believe us, recommendations are so important for people to gain trust in your profile hence recommendations by your friends & family here can help you find another gem like you :)

Want to do match making for your dear single friends? find out a nice guy or a girl here, check mutual friends and initiate the conversation. Send message to any of our app users, it won't end up in "others" folder. Read More >

how it works

  • 1. Write Recommendations For Friends

    Let your friends know what you think about them. Make their day! :)
  • 2. Display Recommendations

    Show or hide recommendations on your profile. :)
  • 3. Share Recommendations

    Share recommendations on your profile or on twitter. :)
  • 4. Like Recommendations

    Like recommendations and make someone popular :)
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